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The death of an American fighting for Ukraine is confirmed by his family.


Since Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24, an unknown number of Americans have volunteered to help Ukraine in various ways, including hundreds of military veterans seeking to join fighters on the ground. Ukrainian officials claim that thousands of foreign volunteers have joined the ranks for its military, but the true number is hard to track.

Two other American veterans involved in fighting in Ukraine were wounded this week, according to the family of one of them.

Paul K. Gray, 42, of Tyler, Texas, and Manus E. McCaffery, 20, of Parma, Ohio, both of whom had served in the U.S. Army, were injured on Wednesday when a Russian artillery shell hit their fighting position, according to Mr. Gray’s mother, Jan Gray.

The two were waiting to launch an ambush on a Russian tank when shrapnel hit Mr. McCaffery in the face and collapsed a concrete block wall on Mr. Gray, injuring his leg, according to Twitter posts by an American journalist, Nolan Peterson. Video and photos recorded by Mr. Gray show the two camouflage-clad fighters receiving first aid and riding in a military ambulance a short time later, with Mr. McCaffery’s face and head covered in bloody bandages.

Ms. Gray, who is a nurse, said she spoke with her son by video after the attack, who confirmed that the two had been wounded. “He’s doing well,” she said of her son. “The other boy I’m more concerned about.”

Mr. McCaffery’s family did not respond to a request for comment. Ms. Gray said at least one McCaffery family member was traveling to Ukraine.

Mr. Gray was an Army infantry sergeant who deployed twice to Iraq during the height of hostilities there, according to the Army. He told The Daily Texan in 2009 that he was medically retired with a Purple Heart.

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